Collection: Kaliméra - olive oil from Hellas

Greek olive oil

Greek olive oil is among the best olive oils in the world.

Greek olive oil was popular and popular even in ancient times. Since then, the Greeks have used olive oil in a variety of ways. The olive tree, olive oil and olives have historical, even cultural significance for the Greeks. By the gods for gods and men. Olive oil from Greece is used by the Hellenes in food, in soap, as fuel for lamps or even to baptize their children.

Best Greek olive oil, cold-pressed extra virgin can be used for cooking and frying. Olive oils from Greece are also particularly good for Greek salads. Blended vigorously with lemon juice to create a fruity dressing or add flavor to grilled fish. The flavors of Greek extra virgin olive oil refine and complement these and many other Mediterranean dishes perfectly.

Here's what you should know about Greek olive oil :

  • Olive oil and Greece belong together
  • Thousands of years old cultural property with roots going back to the goddess Athena
  • top quality
  • Production of olive oils mostly in small family businesses

Olive oil Greece: Greece is the third largest olive oil producer in the world after Spain and Italy. Up to 70% of the total olive oil production is extra virgin. This means olive oil of the highest quality and meets the strictest quality criteria.
Despite having the highest annual per capita consumption in the world (16 kg), a third (135 000 t) of Greek olive oil production is used for export each year. Greeks actually consume more olive oil per person than any other country in the world (Italy ranks 2nd with only half of Greek consumption!). The best olive oil in the world is said to be produced in the areas of Kalamata and western Crete. Most of this oil is exported to Italy, since its taste characteristics are very similar to those of Tuscan oil.

Typical properties of Greek oils are:

  • Grassy in aroma
  • Herbaceous with a hint of lemon
  • Slightly peppery

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